Meet Tosh

Tyrome “Tosh or Ty” Tover - - is a contemporary expressionist painter who lives and works in Mobile, Alabama. Born in May 1971, he is a native of Mobile, Alabama. Ty has served as the Peer Mentor for the Mobile County Health Department, primary care division, Family Health for nearly a decade. Ty’s dedication to the HIV community long predates his work with Family Health. Since the early 1990’s, Ty has worked within the HIV community as a soundboard, advocate, and local leader. Mr. Tover’s work as an artist was most recently utilized by MCHD as a therapeutic approach to wellness and HIV intervention. This work has blossomed into quarterly guided therapeutic art sessions led by Tover and debuted on social media handles and YouTube channels. Additionally, Mr. Tover’s efforts have been highlighted by the World Health Organization and grant funding opportunities are in currently in the works to exponentially increase his outreach and therapeutic approach. 

Ty’s work as a locally renowned artist is meant to be both empowering and symbolic to the viewer. His colorful paintings pay homage to his life experiences and his emotions. His distinctive personal style and use of color permeates throughout his works. Most of his works display his fondness for use of acrylic paints over black canvas.

Mr. Tover has led a very interesting life saturated in the arts, from lead dancer to choreographer to local artist. Mr. Tover left Mobile early on in his life to seek culture in other communities.  Ty spent over a decade in Los Angeles, California – the Art Capital of the United States. He has served on numerous artistic boards including the Anaheim Museum of Arts, the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Anaheim sponsored by Disney, as well as many others.

Ty’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Mobile, Alabama, including the most recent exhibit by the Mobile Arts Council “A Celebration of Black Artists.”  Mr. Tover’s work is currently featured on the Mobile Arts Council’s Virtual Art Gallery at

Additionally, Mr. Tover had his artwork displayed during the February 2022 Loda Art Walk and was very honored to participate in that historical event, which also celebrated black artists and their contributions to the art community.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) envisioned the future of health and well-being in the Western Pacific in 2050 with the inaugural WHO Futures Art Exhibition. Among those who submitted entries is Ty Tover. Of his five pieces of art which were all accepted by the juried panel, the painting titled “Alone” has been selected by a panel of art experts from the Western Pacific and staff with the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific to receive special honors. “Alone” was selected as one of the most inspiring and thought-proving pieces in the Technology category. Because “Alone” was selected as a distinguished winner, it is now exhibited in a dedicated 3D virtual gallery. This can be found at the following link:

Mr. Tover is excited to announce that his work will soon be featured in a solo exhibit in Mobile, Alabama, in collaboration with the Mobile Arts Council, scheduled to premiere in Winter 2022.

Mr. Tover has received a certificate of completion for Art Therapy from “The Complementary Medical Association” as well as receiving his certification in Mental Health First Aid.